Easton Oliverson


Easton’s Story

On the morning of August 15th, 2022, Easton Oliverson, a 12 year old boy from Utah, fell from the top bed of his bunk while sleeping in the grove in Williamsport Pennsylvania for the Little League World Series. Upon realizing the seriousness of his injury, he was air-lifted to Geisinger Hospital (CHOP) where he was given a 0% chance to live. Easton suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI) called an Epidural Hematoma. The doctors placed Easton in a medically induced coma as a precaution. After three surgeries, many prayers and blessings, God showed his healing power and Easton miraculously awoke on his own recognizance! Ever since then, has been making his way to recovery…

In September 2022, a few weeks of Easton being in the hospital, the family realized all of the baseball possessions he acquired while being in the Little League World Series were still inside the family’s Turo Rental car. The family contacted the owner of the vehicle many times where he would correspond with them and even sent them a picture of Easton’s possessions in his garage. After several more attempts of get the owner’s home address, he ceased all communications with the family. Thinking they would never be able to retrieve Easton’s prized possessions, they conducted a little investigative work on their own and were able to discover the owner of the vehicle resided in Jersey City. In a desperate attempt for help, the family posted a plea on Facebook which caught the eye of Jersey City Police Detectives Kevin Wendolowski and Robert Baker Jr. who were familiar with Easton’s story and reassured the family that they were going retrieve all of Easton’s Possessions and return everything to them.

Within a few hours, Easton’s possessions were safely in the possession of the Jersey City Police Department who, in turn, notified the family! Eventually, Easton’s possessions were returned to him and the precious moment was captured on Social Media.

Since that moment, a special bond has been formed between the Oliverson family and the Jersey City Police Detective’s Benevolent Association. The amount of love and gratitude they felt towards the Jersey City Police Department is unwavering!

In the month of June 2023, Easton and family were finally able to visit New Jersey and meet these incredible men and women of the Jersey City Police Department who keep everyone safe and always do the right thing! They were able to tour various police facilities that not very many get to see. The JCPD DBA took them sightseeing, go-cart racing, and finished the night with ice cream from Torico’s! Easton thoroughly loved and enjoyed every moment and still talks about to his experiences to this day!

From the Family

The Jersey City Police Department is like family to us, men and women we admire and look up to. It only solidifies our confidence and love for the men and women who are so amazing in this important field!

With Easton’s brain injury, there are so many unknowns. This amazing young man has gone through 3 major brain surgeries. He works hard each day to be his best version of himself. But with this, has been so many unexpected things financially that we were not expecting. We work hard each day as a family to love and support him and get him the emotional therapy and physical therapy he needs to cope with the trials he deals with on a daily basis.

We want to give a special thank you to the Jersey City Police Department. What an incredible group of people they are. We are so grateful for their dedication and work to providing a safe community there in Jersey City and helping a family from Southern Utah when in dire need. Special thank you to Detective Baker, Detective Wendolowski, Director Moody, Chief Kearns, Deputy Chief Flora, and all of the amazing people we got to meet while we were there visiting you all! The people and community there are so fortunate to have you all!

With love,
The Oliverson Family

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